Visiting Minuteman National Park, Concord - 2013

Originally from the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts, USA, I have lived in the United Kingdom since 2013 where I am currently pursuing my research for my PhD thesis about the Royal Marines.  

My original passion for history started while growing up in my hometown of Arlington, Massachusetts. The local area is rich in the story of both Colonial America, but especially that of the American War of Independence.  

The "shot heard round the world" on the 19th of April, 1775, occurred nearby in the town of Lexington, not far from where I grew up.  These stories inspired my earliest interests in histories, and like a first love, they continue to capture my imagination.

I first studied history as an undergraduate at the Virginia Military Institute, earning my BA History.

Following a first career as a United States Marine Corps Officer, and a few more recent occupation changes, I have turned to history.  


Visiting Belleau, France - 2006

Life changes and moves brought me to Portsmouth in the UK, where I earned my MA History at the University of Portsmouth, where I am currently researching for my PhD in History. 

The study and research I am undertaking encompasses my interests in both military and social history, and the treatment and status of military veterans in their respective societies.


A view of the Portsmouth Dockyard from "Spice Island", Portsmouth - 2016

Between a very busy family life with young children, work, and other life commitments, I am conducting my research on my thesis about the Royal Marines of the long nineteenth century.  I am interested in the social aspects around the formation of the Corps of Marines in this period, and all the changes that were occurring in British society and the Royal Navy that affected their future.  Of particular interest, I am also focusing on how the Royal Marines lived side by side with the communities of Plymouth, Portsmouth, and Chatham.  

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