A passive income stream through writing? An experiment

14th March 2019

Long time no blog. In truth I have been very busy, and I still am.

I am now in my last 6-months or so of the PhD, the aim is to submit on time this September. I have lots to report on regarding some successful conferences and some funding I got last year that really helped me get to this point. But I will write on that shortly. First, let me tell you about my latest experiment.

Last week, I started writing for something called Hubpages.  It has been an interesting experiment so far in doing what is known as "article writing for revenue sharing sites", an occupation I learned about last week

It has been remarkably easy to do, a bit like blogging (which I have dedicated little time to of late). The platform for writing for you, and once you get started and have a play with it, it is quite easy to do.  

As I mentioned, I started doing this exactly a week ago today press time, I have published 18 articles so far and saw my first 'profit' this past Sunday - so far I have earned an amazing .26 cents. 

It sounds like nothing, but the audience of my articles has been increasing.  Starting from zero, I have had 479 views of my articles, over 100 were yesterday - 83 so far by the time of press today.  

Also, that figure of .26 cents adds up as follows:

Thursday .00; Friday .01; Saturday .02; Sunday .03; Monday .02; Tuesday .07; Wednesday .11.

My expectation is that today’s numbers when they post tomorrow will be at or around .15 to .20 cents – we shall see.  


What to write about?

There is actually a load of different topics.  These range from many different interest groups with subtopics.  Some of these have their separate feature sites that focus in detail on these topics and can actually give your articles more visibility – so far about a third of them, six total, have featured on these sites.

Who finds or reads these things?  Well firstly, it is the community of dedicated readers who are around the world.  If the article you write is good enough, then it gets bumped up on Google findings.  There are analytics that can show you where people are reading these. I was surprised that one of the first comments I had on my articles was from Pakistan, the next from Croatia, and the one after that from someone closer to home in Brookline, Massachusetts! 

My strategy so far has been utilize my small repository of essays from my MA and some other sources.  I have written only a few from scratch, but of these a few have been especially successful and have an interesting range of views.


What next?

I am going to keep at this, but after I hit 30 articles I am going to taper off to 1 article per week.  

I am tempering my expectations.  I started to do this for two main reasons: 1) as a creative distraction from the copious amounts of writing and editing already at present with my PhD; 2) the real desire to find new and creative ways of generating passive income streams.  This latter one needs to be explained better.  ‘Passive income’ actually means a lot of work up front, but enjoying the success of your labors over time after the work is done with little or no maintenance or follow-up. I have been learning from this guy, Pat Flynn.

What do I expect from this?  The more successful ‘hubbers’ I have read about seem to make a modest side income, the more ambitious ones with a talent and audience seem to have replaced their incomes with it.  We will see how legit this is over time.

So, I will keep at it for now.  I promise here write an update to this post in 6 months time, regardless of outcome – if it dies its death I will let you know, if I can pay for a mortgage on a new house I will let you know that too. 

If you decide to try and sign up for yourself, then you can use the link here - https://hubpages.com/user/new/